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“A Letter to My Daughters” – Doyin Olorunfemi

About The Book

A relay race can be won or lost on the smallest of technicalities: if the baton is passed incorrectly, the entire team could be disqualified. When author Doyin Olorunfemi witnessed this in action, she saw it as a metaphor for the passing of wisdom from one generation to the next. It doesn’t matter how talented individuals are; if life principles and social values aren’t handed down, how could we expect to cross the finish line together as winners?

Doyin was thus inspired to write this letter and share her advice with young women like you. In four parts, she explores the mind-set and tips that led her to success, inviting you to

learn from own journey and how it has shaped her, adopt the attitudes you need to achieve exceptionality, understand relationships and how to properly cultivate them, and apply her creative acronyms to help you memorize this wealth of wisdom.

The book is at once unique, playful, and thoughtful. You’ll be motivated by the “attitude alphabet” and nourished by the carefully chosen scriptures. By the end, you’ll have grown in confidence and feel empowered to run your own life’s race with poise and grace.

Read some of the Reviews on the book below

  • Jane M

    Packed with inspiration and great tips to utilise in every day life, to empower all women, mothers & daughters alike to be the best version of themselves. I am a huge fan of Acronyms so these were an unexpected pleasure. I have already implemented some of Doyin’s amazing tips. Thank you for such a enjoyable, inspirational read

  • A Fagbola

    I wasnt sure what to expect but to say i was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. This book is everything a mother should teach her daughter. Get it for a child who has no mother but needs direction.
    Etiquette, sex, choosing a life partner doesn’t mince words…truly a must have.

  • Amazon Client

    Genuine and insightful. Simple principles that reveal some powerful messages. Now I have the acronym for my own name which guides my thought process to be more kind to myself. Thanks Doyin Olorunfemi for sharing your experiences and learnings

  • RO

    What an awesome book! Easy to read and definitely full of wisdom to help ‘Be the best you’. I particularly like the A-Z attitudes in the book. I will highly recommend the book as I believe there’s something for everyone in the book. Kudos to the author.

  • FA

    Beautifully written and very easy to read. Great practical tips that every young girl should know about. Highly recommend!


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