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Feedback from Partners

1. What impact did the talk have on your existing group?

The aim of the seminar was to empower and inspire the teenage girls in our group to aspire to greatness.  Based on the feedback from the girls, they were inspired by Doyin’s story about how she had to believe in herself as young lady.  The long term impact on our group will be that she inspired them to be focussed, persistent and determined in order to be successful.  This will result in young ladies who believe in themselves and develop into successful women.  As they grow up with a healthy self-esteem, they will in turn raise successful daughters in future.  This will impact on the overall community and society. Overall, the seminar raised our profile in Ilesha and increased the number of girls in our group; we are grateful to Doyin and her partners.

2. Has there been any marked difference in their speech or believe system?

Yes, based on the feedback from the girls and our coordinator’s observation.  Some of the girls still refer back to Doyin using her as an example of what a woman can be if they believe in themselves.

3. Do the girls now see how they can positively impact their world?

Yes, they see themselves as change makers if they rise up to fulfil their dreams which Doyin inspired them to do.

4. Do you have any specific examples to share?

All the girls that were interviewed said they were very happy that they attended the seminar; one of the girls specifically mentioned that Doyin ignited some things in her that she now believes that she can achieve greatness as much as she wants to in life.  The principal of Ilesha Grammar school who hosted the seminar was also very happy and she said that the seminar added value to the students.

5. What are your suggestions of what could have been done better and how to improve future projects?

None from us, based on the feedback we had, it was well organised by Doyin and team.

6. What can be done to augment the tour for your girls? If the funding and time allows, running more than one session will be useful.

 Most of the pictures we have were the ones you sent to me apart from the attached.  I have asked Molade to check again.

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