Sept 3rd 2017

1000 books. 1000 young African women given the motivation to succeed. This was
the vision and it started officially with a small gathering of supporters on the 3rd of
September 2017.

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ALTMD 2017 Tour

Everything about this OBS project makes me know God has so much in store for them and I am glad for the opportunity to keep mentoring them on my return to the Uk.

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Feedback from Our partners

After our inspirational evening on the 3rd of September, we have officially launched the “A Letter to my daughters” project.

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Join The Cause

It doesn’t matter how talented individuals are; if life principles and social values aren’t handed down, how could we expect to cross the finish line together as winners?

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The Book

You have something unique in you that the world is waiting to read about and learn from.

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