Letters to Daughters

Letter to Anita

My dear Anita,

Congratulations once again on celebrating your 20th birthday.  It is amazing how time flies, I still remember when you were a baby.  I am ever grateful to God for giving me a daughter like you; a beautiful, sweet, generous and kind person.  So as you enter this new season of your life, my encouragement to you is that you should continue to seek God first in everything.  I believe that God has a specific purpose for all of us including you.  I know you are a Deborah in your generation; Deborah was a prophet and a judge of Israel in Judges 4; she was also the wife of Lapidoth. Continue Reading

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You’ve got this girl- You are enough!

Dear daughter,

I cannot believe how quickly you are growing. I remember vividly being exactly your age and I still have memories of how it felt being your age, the joys and the pains, the fears and the victories.

I remember struggling with the one question – am I enough? Continue Reading

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Before you say I do

My darling daughter

after being married for Almost 21 years I think I can share a couple of tips in what you should consider and remember before you commit

Tip 1;Marriage is a marathon not a sprint so you need to pace yourself and prepare for the race and practice and develop good habits for the journey

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The Father’s Daughter

My dear,

The Lord has found you and you are very precious to him. Don’t ever think you don’t count because He knew you before you were formed in the womb as a daughter. Continue Reading

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Perfectionist Daughter

Dear daughter,

you are a blessing from day one, a joy to be with. Perfectionist to the things that matter to you! Focused, determined to perfect your school work to the extent of not finishing the whole questions.

But remember what I always say, “it’s better to finish all than perfecting half of your work!” Continue Reading

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Get to Know You Are – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made in his Image

Just few words to every young girl,

You are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of the father….

You are God’s CRAFT.. specially designed for an assignment,,, a purpose that will leave a legacy and would bring glory to God Continue Reading

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Dear daughter,

I am writing this letter to remind you that you are strong, beautiful, creative and smart, I want to dwell on the strength part for now. Continue Reading

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One proud Mamma

Dear Daughters

I want you both to know how very proud of you I am!

You have both grown into awesome beautiful gentle women, and you are both superb loving wonderful mums. Continue Reading

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You are enough

If I had to write to anyone, it would be to myself at 15. When the hormones began to rage and my eyes began to fail; when I took on the small picture the world told me was good and tried my hardest to fit in.

To that girl, I write…. Continue Reading

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Little lessons

It was a day so beautiful I held you in my arms and knew love was a feeling I wanted to feel always. As I watch you grow into your personality, I see a you that can only be you, no one else . You know what else? I see it in your eyes, in your resolve, in your being. A girl who would not take no for an answer.  Continue Reading

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