Month: April 2018

Letter to Anita

My dear Anita,

Congratulations once again on celebrating your 20th birthday.  It is amazing how time flies, I still remember when you were a baby.  I am ever grateful to God for giving me a daughter like you; a beautiful, sweet, generous and kind person.  So as you enter this new season of your life, my encouragement to you is that you should continue to seek God first in everything.  I believe that God has a specific purpose for all of us including you.  I know you are a Deborah in your generation; Deborah was a prophet and a judge of Israel in Judges 4; she was also the wife of Lapidoth. Continue Reading

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You’ve got this girl- You are enough!

Dear daughter,

I cannot believe how quickly you are growing. I remember vividly being exactly your age and I still have memories of how it felt being your age, the joys and the pains, the fears and the victories.

I remember struggling with the one question – am I enough? Continue Reading

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